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Our Courses


Acting is an integral aspect of our lives in Pune. The Unique Arts Academy of Performing Arts is a acting class in Pune. With the guidance of most renowned faces of television and film industry, we prepare the stars of the future. Our infrastructure is equipped with the most cutting-edge instruments that help you see your performance and improve it to the best level possible. We offer a wide range of courses including Acting. If you want to make it as an actor, you will need to be absolutely focused, extremely determined and completely realistic. For kids who want to learn acting, Unique Arts academy gives you this opportunity to explore one of the best acting classes in Pune.

Karaoke singing

Karaoke singing is an aspect of our lives in Pune. The Unique Arts Academy is giving a Karaoke Singing class in Pune. The word karaoke singing is derived from two Japanese words 'kara' comes from the word 'karappo' meaning empty or void and 'oke' comes from the word 'okesutura' or orchestra. Karaoke singing is a form of interactive entertainment or video game developed in Japan. In many Asian countries such as China, Cambodia or the Philippines, a karaoke box is called a KTV.


Unique Arts Academy is a professional Guitar class in Pune.The extraordinary quality to people of all ages. We train students in all levels playing that would move their technique to the next level. From the moment first guitars appeared in ancient civilizations of Middle East, this intriguing instrument managed to capture attention of mankind.The guitar is a (typically) six-stringed instrument that is performed by plucking the lines each with your fingers or with a pick. From that moment guitars traveled across entire world, achieving its final "classical acoustic guitar" form just little more than 100 years ago.


Unique Arts Academy is the most reputed and the oldest institution which offers finest harmonium class in the pune. Harmonium is one of the oldest musical instruments used in India and its origin is a much debated one. The old instrument of the harmonium group was the physharmonica, invented in 1818 by Anton Haeckl in Vienna. The harmonium was a popular church and household instrument until the electronic organ drove it from the market after the 1930s.


Unique Arts Academy in Pune promote this systematic oral procedure in training of tabla. which are designed as per different abilities of the students ensuring teaching in the best possible way. Unique Arts Academy is given adequate personal attention and detailed knowledge sharing. The tabla is a widely popular South Asian percussion instrument used in the classical, popular and religious music of the northern Indian subcontinent. Tabla is a musical instrument has mainly two drums which should be played using the fingers and palms.


The Unique Arts Academy is designed in such a way that whatever level you’re at, you will learn something new to improve your drawing skills. The drawing course is much friendly for beginners, yet sophisticated enough for advanced students in developing their art skills. The students are gradually progress from basic topics to comprehensive lessons. Drawing offers the widest possible scope for the expression of artistic intentions.In Drawing concepts Bodies, space, depth, substantiality, and even motion can be made visible.


The Unique Arts Academy classes are meant to help develop coordination, physical fitness, mental strength, as well as gain valuable social skills. Unique Arts Academy bring out the best in your children to help them succeed in life. Karate is a Japanese martial art whose physical aspects seek the development of defensive and counter attacking body movements. The word karate means combination of two kanji (Chinese characters): kara meaning empty, and te meaning hand.Thus,the karate means "empty hand." Today there is four main styles of karate in Japan: Shotokan, Goju-ryu, Shito-ryu, and Wado-ryu.


Unique arts Academy is a registered class dedicated towards cherishing and encouraging traditional Indian dance form 'Bharatnatyam'. Bharata Natyam is one of the oldest dance forms of India. The origin of this dance can be traced to the Bharata Muni's Natyasastra. Bharatnatyam is an artistic yoga that is,they involve the movement of the body parts in a very artistic and elegant manner. It is the most widely practice of Indian classical dances in south India, and has its origin in Tamil Nadu.

Classical Vocal

Unique Arts Academy is a Music Academy in Pune which offers a unique educational experience for passionate people who have talents, and wish to pursue music. We invited you to experience this unique experience of classical vocal training. Unique Arts Academy is on a journey to spread joy through classical vocal, making classical vocal training easier and more fun for all age groups. The teachers will accompany you with passion and dexterity in your musical journey. There are two main styles of Indian Classical vocal are Hindustani music(North India) and Carnatic music(South India). Its origins date from the 12th century CE, when it diverged from Carnatic music, the classical tradition of southern regions of the Indian subcontinent. Classical vocal music has strongly influenced Indonesian classical music and Dangdut popular music, specially in instrumentation, melody, and beat.


Unique Arts Academy is one of the best class which offer excellent Kathak classes in Pune. Join to the Unique arts Academy class, They provides good kathak class in Pune will help in learning this traditional dance form with perfection. Kathak is one among the seven classical dance forms in India. Kathak is the word itself means storytelling. This dance form in which the artist tells the story through song, music along with movements of hands and facial expressions. This dance mostly created to tell mythological stories in temples, in the Northern states of India.

Bollywood Dance

Unique Arts Academy is a group of competent dancers and performers. It is the best dance academy that has all the bollywood dance instructors working. Unique Arts Academy has an expertise in Indian Bollywood Dance performance. These are reputed class of Indian and traditional Indian dances. Bollywood dance means the dance performed in Bollywood movies. The Bollywood dance style is the beautiful blend of all Indian dance styles. Such as classical Indian dance, folk Indian dance or the more current R&B, hip hop music. Some people love Bollywood dances because there is no defined rules like classical dance styles.


Yoga is an integral aspect of our lives in Pune. The Unique Arts Academy provides the yoga class in Pune. yoga originated as a group of physical, mental and spiritual disciplines in ancient India. The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word yuj, which is means ‘to join’ or "to unite". Yogic scriptures, practicing yoga results in the union of individual consciousness with universal consciousness, bringing about the perfect harmony between the mind ,the body and man ,nature. Yoga is now a part of UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage list. There are various type of the yoga such as Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga.


Unique Arts Academy that started the dance-fitness revolution and changed the way we look at a “workout”.Unique Arts Academy in pune is the effective and best for the zumba classes. Zumba was born in Colombia in the 1990s, quite in accident. Zumba wins on the Entertainment and is a best choice for those who love to Dance. Zumba is a high-intensity, high-impact strenuous you need to use caution. First off, two studies have shown links to daily strenuous exercise and heart attacks. These studies have shown that 2-4 days per week and moderation are better for your body and your heart.

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